Rayski Baby

Da SuperStar

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I go by the name Rayski Baby. I’m originally from Shreveport, Louisiana but currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas. I’m the co-owner of Silent B Entertainment alongside Branden “Uncle B” Brown. Right now I just feel like I’m that dude. I might not be the most-lyrical but that is not me, that’s not my goal. If I wanted to go that route, I’m sure I could but that’s not my style. My style is more of realistic; I tell you how it is, RAW with a mixture of lyrical metaphors. I call it that Louisiana/Texas, maybe because I was born in Louisiana and then spent half my life in Texas but I’m just that dude that makes “HITS” and soon the world will know!!!!!

Of course being from the boot, I was influenced heavily by No LimitCash Money and later on Trill Ent. Growing up me and my boys thought we were the Hot Boys, [laughs] I was the Lil B.G. We would freestyle all the time at school and in the hood and people started noticing my talent wanting me to rap all the time and even write their raps for them. When I moved to Texas things were different because like I said I'm from Louisiana and things are different, meaning the rap styles. In Louisiana it was more tell it how it is straight up just rapping your life-style were as in Texas, I was introduce to a whole other style. They were more on punch lines and being creative, so with that being said that's when I really started writing and started thinking and coming up with punch lines of my own. As I started writing more, that's when I really started getting into the whole song process thing because I noticed a lot of people were good at free-styling but couldn't make good songs so I was the person who wanted to make good music period. But mostly I would say I was influenced bye the people I was surrounded by, my hood, my environment, the way I was raised, the things I seen and been through and that’s on the Louisiana and Texas tip.


When I first started, I was just making music for me and my friends to just listen to. It wasn't anything serious at the time; it was just something to do. When things got serious it all started with a phone call between my mother and my grandmother. They were on the phone talking about how my Uncle B was changing his major to business because he wanted to start his own record label. So my mom was like, "Ray raps and he is pretty good" next thing I know Uncle B was calling me and was like I heard you rap and I was like, "yea I do a little something" he was like, "is this really what you want to do?" and I was like, "yea!" and he said, "let's do it then". Then we formed Silent B Entertainment and we been making strides in this music industry ever since. It seems like every year things gets better and better. I just feel like with the right push behind us the sky is the limit and beyond.

In the future I really see myself on top of my game. A true mogul in this industry, making million/billions, I might be the first one to put together a trillion dollar move lol but I just want to be able to give others the chance and opportunities to make their dreams come true just like I'm striving to do WHEN THE BLESSED BECOME THE BLESSER!!!

Musician: Rayski Baby